Start Planning Your Next Backyard Hockey Rink

Its summer time but ice-skating and hockey season is never really over for die-hard Canadian fans. Just because its summer doesn’t mean you can’t start dreaming about the perfect backyard hockey rink and we’ve got just the idea for you. The best way to build a backyard hockey rink is with a rink kit.

A rink kit contains everything you need to build a rink without any additional tools or materials, in one box, delivered directly to your door, and they only take about two hours to assemble.

Here’s a secret: buying a rink kit means you don’t have to be that handy to build the perfect rink. That wasn’t the case with an old-fashioned ice rink. You had to cut wood and figure out some way to protect your grass and keep the ice from melting or becoming uneven when the noonday sun was out.

Rink kits have solved all those problems for you. You might be the hands-on type or not, but either way, it should come as welcome news that a backyard rink doesn’t have to be difficult, time-consuming, or expensive to put together.

Most people these days are pressed for time. Even if you would do anything to make your children happy and you dream big, having an easy to assemble rink kit will make all the difference when it comes to actualizing your dreams of building a backyard rink.

Visit the RinkMaster website to see just how user friendly a rink kit can be. Rink kits from RinkMaster contain everything you’ll need to construct a rink in less than two hours, including polypropylene tubes for the frame and a heavy-duty polyethylene liner. The rink liner is the most important part of the kit and it’s what makes the biggest difference between a lumpy amateur ice rink and a smooth surface that your kids can practice their hockey skills on and become the next Wayne Gretzky.

If you’ve tried to build your own backyard rink before then you know that it takes more than good intentions to make a rink that the kids will actually use. Using the all-in-one box rink kit will ensure that your ice rink will be the coveted playing area in your neighborhood. That’s good news! It means you’ll save time and frustration not having to drive the kids around to the community rink or to another friend’s house because they have the best rink. Be the hero in your home and build a perfect backyard hockey rink in less than two hours with a rink kit.

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