The Art of Interior Design – How To Combine Different Furniture Styles

Interior design in general is becoming more and more liberal and it is not uncommon nowadays to see styles which are truly unique in nature. Gone are the days when you would just match everything together, although it is still done, but it is more popular to try and workout a mixing scheme that will bring together the rooms and the décor but that you do not have to sacrifice comfort. On the other hand, creating a new style by mixing different furniture styles together is not a bad idea because it gives a fresh and unique look to any room.

The classical style

Dealing with furniture in your rooms can be done in the classical way, which means that you would mostly color-code the furniture with the background; this way you could create a harmonious unity that would be pleasing to all of the senses. For some furniture though, there is no other way than to do make sure that you stick to one color and use it wisely when decorating. The essence of this style is unity, warmth and charm in a room. Because you are working on creating a single color in the room, different furniture can be used, as they will not clash esthetically.

Opposite attractions

Make the old meet with new; combine retro with a more modern design. However, make sure that the different furniture styles can go together, whether in color or in design alone, but you should not try to mix together something that clearly does not go together well. In general, you will be adding some edge to your room and you will be able to decorate using a more diverse choice of styles. This interior design is great for those who like to bring something new into their lives frequently.

Really mix it up

Whether you are trying to bring together the room through difference, or if you are trying to make your room have that edgy look, going for the eclectic style is great. You will be able to combine hard colored furniture with soft colored furniture, or even hard edges with soft shapes. Basically, you are bringing together certain opposites to create a more adventurous environment in your room which breathes with openness, freedom and personal intellectualization. With some self-expression it is possible to further enhance this style to bring out its potential.

Proper scaling

While it is important to combine a lot of different elements to bring together furniture which is quite dissimilar from each other, it is also vital to think about scaling and what it will bring to the overall room design. Remember that if you correctly decorate and use furniture you will be able to create a true masterpiece in your rooms, without having to spend a lot of money to make all your furniture the same. On the other hand, you will be able to combine even pieces of furniture which are on completely different levels from each other.

Go for visual balance

In some cases it is possible to bring different furniture together by making sure that they give off a good visual balance, even if the furniture on their own look very dissimilar from each other. Nevertheless, it is important to look into color, shape, and even the feel you get from the combination of these furniture. Buying colorful rugs is also a good way to add a certain warmth and charm to a good room interior design. Nonetheless, you will be able to create a truly personalized and unique style if you try to combine different elements in such a way.

Mixing and matching

While there are no clear rules to how to deal with different furniture styles, it is important to remember that you need to create a kind of harmony and unity so that your furniture looks great and does not stand out too much from your interior design. Make sure that you follow certain color rules because otherwise you would ruin your interior harmony and simply create chaos in your room. Moreover, certain décor elements can help you in bringing together your furniture pieces, even if they are too different from one another.

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