What Type of Lockable Storage Box Should You Choose?

You never know when someone is going to try and steal your things.  Criminals don’t let you know beforehand when they are planning to take something.  And of course neither do those who like to borrow your possessions without asking permission.  Little kids and teens are often guilty of being tempted to take things they know they shouldn’t when they aren’t properly secured too.  For peace of mind a lockable storage box is the best solution.

Boxes vs. Safes

Going with a box is usually a smarter choice than a safe for most of us. However, of course if you will be keeping items of extreme value then you will need a safe as they do offer the most protection possible.  Boxes are a much better way to go for the average person though.  They many times have their own locking mechanism which is secured with a key or combination while others accommodate locks purchased separately. A lot of lockable storage boxes are made to be stackable to help save space and prevent clutter and most have handles making them easy to carry.  Safes on the other hand, are bulky, heavy, and often made purposely so that they can’t be moved. However when considering a box you’ll want to think about what material is right for you.

Metal Means Strength

A metal lockable storage box is always an appealing choice if not simply for the fact that metal is known to keep people out.  These are usually made for keeping small amounts of cash and valuables like jewelry locked away.  They are also perfect for storing handguns as by having one you won’t need to purchase a large and very expensive gun safe.  You can also bring it with you to the range or out of the house without anyone knowing what is actually inside.

Heavy Duty Plastic Is Tough As Nails

Many people don’t realize just how tough plastic can be.  A plastic lockable storage box is made from heavy duty plastic that is very durable.  If you want something than can be used outdoors this is the material for you.  Boxes made from plastic can keep whatever you put inside both dry and safe regardless of if it is snowing or raining and won’t rust or rot no matter what the conditions. Since plastic can be made into many more shapes and sizes than metal there is more to choose from.  There are both extremely large ones such as deck boxes for keeping gardening supplies and smaller portable ones for making sure tools are protected and easy to carry.

A lockable storage box is a fantastic choice. And both metal and plastic can offer some serious convenience. The size you choose will depend on what and how much of it you will be keeping inside. For outdoor use you’ll need to go with plastic, while indoors both plastic and metal are great choices with metal being stronger and sometimes even fire resistant.

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