When Should You Move? Where Should You Live?

After high school or college, young adults typically move out of their parent’s house and start to make a life for themselves. Typically, these people move into a smaller apartment complex or rent a home with roommates. After a while they may outgrow the space and feel the need to move to a larger apartment or condo with more square footage. Their lifestyle may change and require a bigger home. A couple may get married and move in together, they may decide to have kids or adopt a dog- both require more space to grow. Or a young person is well on their way to successful careers may be ready to invest in a property of their own. These are a few reasons that may cause people to transition from renting in a multi family dwelling to buying a single-family home.

Once someone decides they want to move, how do they determine where they want their new home to be located? Buying a house is probably the largest investment an average person will make in their lives, so careful consideration is key. What amenities should you look for when deciding where to purchase a home?

The below infographic, Go Big AND Go Home … Deciding When to Move and Where to Live, presents a list of the top five reasons people move from apartments and condominiums into single-family homes. It also offers tips for what to look for in a new neighborhood based on your unique situation. Review this infographic when you’re ready to make your move.

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Graphic created by New City Moving.

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