How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches Permanently?

Cockroaches are not pleasant; they serve no purpose in your home other than to carry diseases which could make you and your family seriously ill. While it can be satisfying to hear the crunch of them under your feet, attempting to stand on every one of them is not a practical solution and will not eliminate them from your home.

The best method of removing them is to contact a pest and termite control company who will be able to assist you in locating the nest and destroying the cockroaches.

This is actually the crux of the problem. Cockroaches make nests, killing them, even if you manage to kill all of them, will not stop others being attracted to the nest and bothering you in the future.

There are 3 methods of killing your cockroach problem.

1. The Professionals

As mentioned, contacting a local firm will provide you with their wealth of experience and the tools they have at their disposal. This is not the cheapest of options but an expert stands a good chance of locating a nest and destroying it; as well as killing all the cockroaches in your home.

This can actually make them good value as there will be no need for a repeat visit.

2. Roach baits

This is something that you can do yourself although you will need to keep the bait well away from your pets and children. The roach bait actually attracts the cockroaches to it. They consume it and die. Because it attracts the cockroaches there is a good chance that it will kill of all them in one go. However, it will not destroy the physical nest.

3. Adhesive traps

These traps also work like the roach bait. The cockroaches will be attracted to the scent of the trap. However, once they get into the trap they are stuck by the adhesive. You can leave them stuck to die or kill them yourself.

However, this will only work with one cockroach at a time. It is unlikely to be effective at destroying the nest.

It is worth noting that the roach bait can also affect the nest if you are prepared to leave the dead cockroaches on the floor!

Cockroaches will at their own to survive, especially if they are already dead. If they eat the ones which have consumed the roach bait they will still be poisoned by it. This has the potential to allow a poisoned roach back into the nest where others will at it; helping to wipe out the nest.

However, although this can work the safest way, in this instance is to call a professional. Roaches are incredibly tough; they have survived since the dawn of time and a professional can help to ensure the problem is gone for good. They will also help you to locate where they are getting in and advice on how to prevent this happening again.

That only is advice worth the cost of any call out!

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