How to Make Your Ordinary Kitchen, a Classic and Dream Kitchen?

While preparing the kitchen designs, select the proper shape for your kitchen. There is no ideal shape for dream kitchen. The one which fits in your room size is the ideal kitchen for your living place. U and L shape kitchens are usually preferred by the ladies.

Keep Your Classic Kitchen Simple

While designing your classic kitchen, make sure you keep it spacious and simple. Do not place lots of things in your kitchen. People often do the mistake of over decorating their kitchens. To make your kitchen more practical keep it modern yet compact and trouble-free. Plan the placement of sink cooking stove and fridge before you select any design.

Things you will have to decide about, to fix in your modern kitchen to give a classic touch.

  • Drawers
  • Cabinets
  • Sink
  • Stove

The classic kitchen has deep drawers and cabinets. This is to utilize every inch of the kitchen. You can keep appliances in drawers besides cutlery and small stuff. In modern kitchen storage space is usually missed out element and the focus is more on styling and design. If you are designing your kitchen yourself, do focus on storage space. You can add stylish drawers, cabinets and avoid gaps in the cabinets to make it look like a designer kitchen.

Placement of Lightening Effects is Crucial in Designer Kitchens

In designer kitchens the placement of lights and lightening effect is one of the major concerns. Like other rooms in designer kitchen more lightening is required. Make sure that stove should come directly under the light. You might need lights in the cabinets so that it makes easier for you to search cabinets when you need to find something.

The placement of switch boards is another important aspect of your kitchen design. Socket boards should be positioned according to the switch of appliances. Suitable electric lines are required in kitchen. To avoid any accident in kitchen keep the wiring in kitchen safe and placement of socket boards away from sink. Never ignore these aspects of the kitchen design.

Counter space and surface should be wide in your modern kitchen. There are few steps that you may take to transform your modern kitchen into a dream kitchen.

  • Select a surface which is easy to work on.
  • Marble slabs are best to be used for this purpose in your dream kitchen.
  • You can also use tiles though it will cost a bit higher. But certainly you would love to spend some extra bucks for your dream kitchen.

Safety Measures to Be Taken Care in Your Dream Kitchen

If your appliances have served a long duration do not reuse them. Although it can save your money but in longer time might affect your health. After certain time period always change your electrical kitchen appliances as well as crockery and cutlery. Keep your kitchen safe. In case you have kids at home you may prefer to have an extra door in your kitchen design. Open kitchen looks more beautiful but they are unsafe epically for the kids.

Keep stove at enough height. Instead of having low height oven, buy electric oven which can be placed at height. This way you can avoid accidents in your classic kitchen and can work tension free even with kids around.

While taking your kitchen design in consideration, do allocate a space for garbage container. The most suitable place for garbage bin is either on the behind cabinets or under the sink. In your kitchen design, it must be taken care that garbage area should be covered. By applying these incredible ideas of classic kitchen, you may have your dream kitchen at your living place.

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