Choosing The Best Tile Patterns For Your Space

When it comes to home renovations, homeowners have a myriad of options, one of which is the layout to choose for their tiled floors and walls. Depending on the color and type of tile one wants to use, the tile pattern can help maximize the beauty of the room or space. Some tiles are perfect for intricate patterns while others work best when used in an elegant but simple pattern.

Another factor to consider when choosing floor tile patterns and wall tile patterns is the amount of space. If it is a small space/room, certain ceramic tile patterns can effectively increase the feeling of space, while larger spaces or rooms create a visual appetite for fun and busy patterns.

With all the options available on the market, it may be difficult to find the right pattern for a particular space or room. Below are some of the most common categories to help one choose the ideal tile pattern for one’s project.

These layouts are the most versatile ways to add interest to a room or space. When done in bold colors, these patterns can be extremely enlivening, making them ideal for high-traffic areas. Since they demand so much attention, they are often installed in public spaces such as lobbies, schools, and parks. When rendered in softer colors, however, the lines take on a calmer feel, which is perfect for areas such as spas and pools.

  • Artistic

These tile layouts are also quite versatile, though they have a more classic feel than abstract patterns. Although artistic tile patterns can be integrated into several different settings, they are particularly suited for public spaces and residential projects.

  • Floral

These tile layouts allow people to bring the outdoors inside. Though most of them seem to be more traditional, some floral layouts veer on the side of abstract, giving them a much more contemporary look.

  • Geometric

For a modern, refreshing look, geometric tile layouts are the ideal choice. They create form by relying on the infrastructure of the lines, thereby creating eye-catching, vibrant accent pieces. These type of tile patterns are usually found in kitchens and bathrooms.

  • Ornamental

Ornamental tile layouts help to add a touch of luxury and tradition to a room or space. These patterns can be used as statement flooring in an entry space or lobby, or made modern with color palettes or unexpected placements.

Thus, when choosing the best tile laying patterns, it is important to look at the room/space as a whole. Tile patterns and custom mosaics are the best and most versatile ways to make a statement. In the past few years, ceramic tiles have made a resurgence, which means that there are many amazing options out there, if one is ready to sift through them.

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