Do Replacement Windows Cost Less in the Spring?

Spring is normally the time of the year when homeowners began to do remodeling, home additions, landscaping projects and replacing windows. And many cases, people assume that replacement windows cost less in the spring. While that is true in some respects, it is also false in others. Whether or not replacement windows cost less in the spring is based on a few different factors which we will explore below.

In some instances, replacement window can be less expensive in the spring because that is the time of the year that’s when the replacement companies are at their highest point of competition. Since most people replace the windows during the spring, that is the busiest time of the year for them, so they compete against each other for your business.

The pressure of the competition not only creates opportunities for discounts and special deals, it allows you to leverage the circumstances to negotiate with the sales provider in order for them to lower their price if they want your business. By letting them know that you have other options and could easily secure a better deal with their competitor, the replacement company will be much more willing, maybe even eager, to lower the price to get you to sign the contract. That means that spring would be a great time to expect significant savings on your replacement windows cost.

Another reason why replacement windows cost less in the spring is because new window models are released, and introduced on the marketplace which in turn causes older models to be discounted for sale. The introduction may inspire those who can afford it to splurge on the newest windows on the market, but it also creates an opportunity for those on a budget or who are looking to save money on their window replacement. They get to take advantage of the models that will either be phased out entirely or whose production will be scaled back due to the new introduction.

But then there are other cases when the cost of replacement windows are actually more expensive than other times of the year. Because spring is the most popular time of the year for homeowners to replace the windows, some companies inflate their prices in order to take advantage of the high demands. While the prices that are listed may appear to be touted as a sale, they may ask to be higher than the prices that are advertised during the winter months when virtually no one is replacing windows.

It is during the off-season, and this case, that you would find the lowest replacement windows costs because the companies that sell them are in dire need for a sale during that time and must deeply discount the windows in order to attract the small amount of potential business that does exist. With a very low demand, but consistent competition, and may actually be more advantageous in this scenario to buy replacement windows in the coldest months of the year as opposed to spring, when the demand is much higher.

For the most part, you can find that replacement windows cost less during the spring. In order to secure the best deal during the busiest when replacement season of the year, you have to compare the prices of the products and the service independently. In some cases, you can buy your window separately and pay for the service in order to get a better deal. But in other cases, especially when a service provider offers proprietary products that cause less than major brands, it may be best to deal with a local when the replacement company during the spring to get the best deal.

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