How to Develop a Good Faith in Your God?

Faith is the base of everything in one’s life. People develop different faiths on different things. Faith can have on a person, religion, thing, idol or view. Faith changes with the changes of your priorities and can be changed if one convinces the other on his Faith. Faith can also be defined as a belief that does not need any proof, it is totally blind. Faith is usually totally opposite to the reasoning and arguments.

Basic Concept of Faith

If faith does not need any reasoning then an important question arises that what is faith? To find the answer of what is faith, we have to study multiple religions and epistemologies. It is very difficult to narrate what is faith in few words. People work hard since many years to give their generations the exact idea. Still, people are searching to find the proper answers of what is faith?

Good Faith

Good faith is all about what people do with others. Good faith is no doubt a conceptual and broad term, but for the convenience of a simple person, we can say that good faith means sincerity, honesty and intention to do well with others without having a belief of return. Good faith is a term that is mostly used in the law of various religion and cultures. People are bound to have good faith, and they are bound to do well with others without thinking about the return or same outcomes.

Faith in Good

“Faith in Good” is another broad term that covers many areas. Faith in Good is about a belief and trust of a person that whatever he or she is doing will return to them in a good way. Faith in Good makes people optimist, they make their deeds good with others so that the good things will happen with them. Faith in Good also have a blind belief that whatever happens with the people good or bad must have something productive for them in later. People usually have faith in good as their preaching tells them nothing can happen to them, even hardships given to them by their God has something good hidden for them.

Faith in God

Most of the religions have faith that there is a super power called God that is looking and giving them ev everything. It is called faith in God. The religions that have their faith in God are:

  • Christianity
  • Hindhuism
  • Islam
  • Judaism
  • Budhism
  • Sikh

All of these religions have their blind faith in God. Their deeds are according to the preaching of their God which has been sent to them in the form of God’s special people and their books. They have their faith in God that someone, somewhere is watching them and all the happenings of their lives are according to his wish. Some religions have been changing and their generations have lost their faith in God, they call it old ideas and do not have believed on God and separate the religion from their daily lives.

With the above description it can easily be stated that Faith is the basis of every religion, any doing or deed.

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