How to Prevent Ice Dams and the Roof Leaks They Cause

When you are living in a place of the world, where you love the cold weather and snow but do have a problem with the icicles and the ice dams. Some people think that these ice dams cannot be prevented and mitigated. There are various concepts and innovative ideas that can help you reduce the ice dams that will later damage the roofing and cause water leakage. The ice dams are affecting the roofing, so there are various methods that prevent them. Some of the ways are explained below that might help.

Ice dams

Ice dams have been formed on the roofs when the snow is falling on the roof and get stuck. If the roofs are heated because of the inner central heated walls, the snow will melt to come down through the gutters. But as soon as they come down and meet the cold air, they freeze in the air to create the ice dams. The more the snow water will melt and come down, the more they will freeze and contribute to the problem of the people.

The roof shingles will be damaged with the ice dams created as the shingles protect the house so the water leakages will come out, and this may cause a big problem for the people.

Proper insulation

The rooftops of the houses must be properly ventilated as well insulated. The top of the roof must be insulated rather than the inside, and if there are any attics, they will be covered and enveloped properly to create a barrier in snow, ice dams, and the house.

Roof ventilation

There must be proper ventilation of the houses. The attic and the rooftop must have same temperatures, so this will be able to ventilate out the ice dams. This can be done through a roof ridge vent, gable vents, as well as the soffit vents.

Cathedral ceiling and baffles

The cathedral ceiling is very important combined with proper ventilation and insulation. The baffles must be properly installed with the raffles that keep the inside and outside temperature same. The experts might remove the insulation sheets of the roof if there are no proper baffles being installed.


Your attic must not be warmer than the outside temperature as it will give better and bigger ice dams. So you do not have to produce more heat inside.

Let it melt

Give a chance to the ice dams to melt on their own. They need to take time and do not try to produce heat to melt the existing ice dams on the roof.

Proper roofing techniques

The extra layering of ice and water membrane will installed when the roofing is being done. This helps the roof to get a leak and prevent the ice dams that are being built on the edges. This is a sheet or membrane that will protect the shingles, flashing, and the plywood. When the materials will be saved, the ice dams will not damage further.

Source: Roofing Contractor in Plymouth Michigan

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