Using a Programmable Thermostat to Stay Cool or Warm As Needed

A programmable thermostat is a common tool used to heat and cool the home effectively and efficiently. In newer homes, this option is commonly installed for adequate home comfort. However, in older homes, you may still be using the standard version of a thermostat. A programmable option is much more efficient and has many benefits that can help you have a more comfortable home. It is important to learn how you can take advantage of such technology to provide a better environment for you and your family. Below is a small guide as to how a programmable thermostat works and how it can be of benefit to you.


The main feature of a programmable thermostat is temperature regulation. With this tool, you can set the heating and cooling function of your HVAC system as needed. You have the option of offering heating or cooling in the home based on the temperatures outside. You can set the temperature for what you need it to be now, later and far in to the future based on the thermostat type you have. Being able to control the temperature while away is a definite plus. You can set the unit to shut off while you are away and then cut back on before you arrive back home so the system gets a break and you still stay comfortable in the home.


With an older thermostat, you have two options, Off and On. The system can set the temperature in the home and once you reach the desired setting, the system shuts off. With a programmable thermostat, you can set the unit to turn off while you are at work or on vacation. This means the system will get a much needed break and no energy will be used. The home doesn’t have to be cool or warm while you are away. With an older thermostat, you would have to turn the system off or lower the setting to save energy and you would have a too cold or too warm home when you arrived home. With a programmable option, you can preset the temperature so the unit shuts off but turns back on the home is the desired temperature once you arrive home. This saves you tons of energy and helps to protect the integrity of your system.


Because you have the ability to shut the unit off when you like and still be comfortable, you also have a cost effective option in the home. When your heating system or air conditioner is not in service, you are not using energy, which is saving you money. You can save from 30 to 80 percent or more on your utility bills by using a programmable thermostat in the home.


To make your home even more efficient, top performing programmable thermostat models have the option to create a programming schedule for significant periods of time. You can sit down and create a unique schedule just for your home, program the unit and then have comfort without doing a thing.

There are many different thermostat options on the market today and it may be difficult to find one that will work best for your home and your comfort needs. By contacting a professional in the HVAC industry, you can have a thermostat placed in the home that will provide you with heating and cooling comfort when you need it most. From high tech devices to simple programmable options, you can find a unique source of power for your heating and cooling system that will provide you with stability, energy efficiency and effectiveness for years to come.

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