Best Options And Ideas When Replacing Fireplace Tiles

There are many options when it comes to replacing old fireplace tiles. Luckily this is one upgrade that not only won’t cost you an arm and a leg but that won’t take forever to complete either. And with the benefits you enjoy from its new looks you’ll be glad you went with this project over all others. Here are some of the top options.

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Sleek and lavish marble fireplace tiles have always been used to convey a sense of luxury. Most homeowners don’t realize that they actually come in many more colors than white, black, and grey although they are the most popular. Reds and greens can look incredibly striking especially with contrasting veins. A big advantage of marble is that it can look both very modern in certain applications while in other instances it can be used to create a classic and classy looking space. Just be sure that if do decide on this material for your fireplace tile that you also purchase the correct sealant and cleaning solutions.


Coveted as the most sought after counter top material in the world, granite also can do wonders on the fireplace. It actually is one of the most heat-resistant stones in existence along with one of the strongest making it ideal for this high-heat situation. Granite fireplace tiles can be expensive but the fact that you only will need a few can make them within many people’s budget. Granite tiles are always cheaper than buying an actual slab. So don’t overlook this prestigious choice, it might be within your price range after all.


There are many other ways to go too if marble, granite or natural stone is not your preference. You could use antique fireplace tiles as many consumers especially in the UK do. From Edwardian to Art Deco tiles there are many periods and styles to choose from. These are used on the surround which is the area surrounding the firebox. A lot of homeowners choose to go basic and install single color inexpensive ceramic or porcelain tiles that match their color scheme or décor. Or if you want to get a little creative you could create your own patterns using different colors or even mix and match with art tiles such as Mexican tiles.

While these are some of the options, the best tile for fireplace use is the one you end up falling in love with. There are many to pick from so do some research and look at images to help you decide what you like. If you have the chance of course look at the real thing as well it could really make an impact on your final decision. And for the best deals don’t forget to shop online.

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