Planning a Relocation with a Family?

Are you moving soon, and do you have children? Then the move is not only exciting for you but even more so for them! Moving with family requires some extra planning and attention. The good news? Children adapt much more easily than you think. It is important that you take the time to prepare them for their new environment and that you approach the move as a positive event. If you are moving from Network to Miami or Fort Lauderdale, you must have strong research on a relocation realtor.

Plan the Move Wisely

Of course, the date of your moving day depends on several circumstances. However, when determining the moving date, try to take the children into account as much as possible. It is best to move with children during a relatively quiet period. Can you move during the summer holidays? Perfect! In addition, try to avoid moving during times when your family is already going through many changes.

Hire Good Movers

When you are going to relocate with your family, you should hire some helpers to move your personal items. But before shifting, you should touch base with a “relocation realtor” (David Carrion-Levy is a relocation realtor in Florida). Contact David Carrion-Levy. Ensure that you select a good place for your stay, then move your family with children and hire helpers.

Thinking and Cooperating With Yourself

Have you bought a house? Think together how you are going to furnish your new room. Smaller children can choose between two types of wallpaper or a few colors of paint. Give older children a little more freedom. View together which items will all go along, whether something may need to be bought. But does all that new: if your toddler sleeps in a toddler bed, don’t immediately buy a large bed for the new house. Provide the same type of sleeping ritual for small children. This way, you maintain the familiar feeling of security.

Move Smoothly

A successful relocation stands or falls with a clear relocation plan with the relocation realtor. Plan the transfer wisely so that you don’t feel rushed or have to move elsewhere temporarily. Stress for you means stress for your children. Therefore, get good advice from a broker who thinks along with you and organizes the entire process surrounding the move in the interest of you and the children.

Help Your Kids Get Used To It

A new environment is scary, and this can make children shy, making new friends more difficult. Get your children used to the new environment by taking them to the new neighborhood before the move. Take a look at the new house, at the future school and possibly a sports club. By registering the children with a new sports club immediately after the move, they become distracted and make new friends more quickly.

Few quick tips:

  1. Cancel and arrange gas, water and light for the new house
  2. Inquire about rent subsidy and rent adjustment contribution
  3. Inquire about possible reimbursement of moving costs
  4. Cancel cleaning lady/window cleaner/chimney sweep
  5. Start cleaning up everything you shouldn’t take with you
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